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Colors of Mexico 4: Red

Is Mexico violent? This question is certainly the one I have heard the most these past few months. Every time I talk about my experience in Mexico, the matter of violence is systematically brought up, explicitly or implicitly. Sometimes, it even ends up being the only question asked.

Colors of Mexico 3: White

I know, white is not a color. Scientifically, it is even an absence of color. However, I must say that I have rarely seen such a beautiful absence, such an amazing nothing. After spending one week in Mexico City, my best friend and I decided that it was time to discover another part of Mexico. After long researches in our travel guide, our choice ultimately falls on Taxco…

Colors of Mexico 2: Black

The church brings bad news: it rings at 7:00 pm. Like every night of the rain season, a storm is coming… Yes, trips and novelties are absolutely extraordinary experiences, and I have had the most amazing time in Mexico. However, it does not mean that we don’t have dark sides and sad moments, and that anxiety never shows up.