Pandemic Diaries Introduction

From a young age, I’ve always been focused on the future. I’ve always needed to know my next step far ahead. The more I had to face with uncertainty, the more I hated it; until uncertainty swallowed everything.

This whole pandemic situation has been hard for all of us around the globe but as much as we’re on the same boat, we’re all located on the different parts of that boat. We all have our unique hardships and experiences that deserve to be heard. The mini-series, Pandemic Diaries starts with my story and then hand the microphone to others to share their experiences. Stick around for more

– Aysel

Lockdown Series will be a short collection of written pieces that reflect the current lockdown situation around the world. A lot of countries such as the UK had to go under a second lockdown to protect public health and safety. As a consequence, a lot of people are struggling financially, mentally and personally. I want to create a space where we share and put out there to be read some of the experiences we are all currently going through. Hopefully, people will be able to relate and connect. If you have any related experience, please do not hesitate to send your piece to Feather Pen Blog. It is easy to feel anxious and lonely at this point, so please if there is anything you would like to share, let your voice be heard. After all, we are all in this together!

Thank you for reading and stay safe xxx

– Catarina