Category: Poetry

Poem: Letter

Letter LINepal, 25 April 2015 Dear Mother, I hope you will be…erm…okay. I guess?This will be a different letter from the previous ones.They cannot be ….

Poem: The First Turn

She looked at you, then turnedAway. Looked deep into your eyes as though she had something toSay; unleash the secrets growing insideHer delicate mind: a ….

Poem: Taken Hostage

Take your eyes from my tunic. They won’t flicker looking into mine. I owe moments, ageless ones, but never blind. Glance over a shoulder, musing ….

Poem: Ceremony

Descend downstream: where blurred voices peek through spaces in razor grass stands. To try out contentment not yet taught to cheat.   We were already ….

Poem: Expiration

A dying leafon a dying twigon a dying branchon a dying treein a dying forest burnt downby the now dying firestears of merciful skiesbring relief ….

Poem: Battery Park

On these afternoons,I want to makea crowd of well-wishersrecognize me.Take The Canarsie Lineto Houston and Delancey:then pass the killing door.To hear the awful noiseof those ….