Category: Poetry

Poem: Ceremony

Descend downstream: where blurred voices peek through spaces in razor grass stands. To try out contentment not yet taught to cheat.   We were already ….

Poem: Expiration

A dying leafon a dying twigon a dying branchon a dying treein a dying forest burnt downby the now dying firestears of merciful skiesbring relief ….

Poem: Battery Park

On these afternoons,I want to makea crowd of well-wishersrecognize me.Take The Canarsie Lineto Houston and Delancey:then pass the killing door.To hear the awful noiseof those ….

Poem: Smoke Billows

Lava on the tips of your gown you come forward, angels drown gathered under the eclipsed sun crumbling castles collapse behind you molten clouds gush ….

Poem: Redhanded

I take my leavefrom soft places.Known for an attemptat makeshift grandeur.At the close of a duska gas lamp assumedmonstrous proportion.To outshine and outsize,running lights in ….

Poem: Cut

Joyous, fluttering butterflies The seal is broken You have but one chance at escape. In one irreversible flash, conceived by his hand He has brought ….

Poem: 10/01

is the word I use
to describe myself.

I have gone through
balanced over pits of lava,
while people stood on the sidelines and watched.