Short Story: Paracosm

They keep trying to pull the book out of her hand as she cries, ‘no, please, I need to keep reading.’
If she stops reading the demons of the real world would swallow her into the darkest corners of herself.
They don’t get it.

Prisms of Perception 2: Toxic Masculinity by a Toxic Society

Where is the fine line between encouraging a certain way of living, and forcing a certain image? An image that undoubtedly never fails to glorify habits that are unhealthy for the self, and others. Social norms and new standards of manhood are constantly growing and manifesting unfortunate levels of toxicity among men, pressuring an uphold of certain appearances that are becoming difficult for a man to maintain.

Poem: Smoke Billows

Lava on the tips of your gown you come forward, angels drown gathered under the eclipsed sun crumbling castles collapse behind you molten clouds gush ….