Seoul Searching Introduction

Wanderlust is something that has been embedded within my identity since I was a young child. My 9th birthday was spent on a humid bus, touring around Ancient Greek remains, and whilst my child counterpart felt vexed and simply longed for rollercoasters, beaches, and ice cream, as an adult I’ve come to appreciate the lessons I have learnt from travel. Over the past decade or so, travel has introduced me to numerous problems the world faces and allowed me to better understand other cultures.

For the past year, I have been attending university in Seoul, South Korea, exploring every inch of the peninsula in my free time. I have paraglided through mountains, eaten at the oldest restaurants, and slept beside monks. My adventures have been endless.

People constantly ask why South Korea? Why not China or Japan? They assume that by choosing to study here, I have settled for less. South Korea is a unique country with so much to offer, I hope my column will make people more aware of this and encourage you all to learn more about this beautiful country.

Seoul Searching is all about navigating the trials of living in a new place and learning more from the world about you. This column will explore my exchange year in South Korea. Welcome aboard this journey from searches to lessons.