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Seoul Searching 5: Fleeting Moments

Gapyeong is similarly a ghost town. The streets are empty, and the noise from our group echoes across the river and into the mountain range. Our presence is disruptive and almost offensively loud. I come in and out of focus. People are singing. Someone pulls me into a conversation about Brexit. Another tries to practice her Korean on me. I repetitively tell her I don’t understand what she’s saying, but she just laughs. I later realise she was telling me she likes beef. Wonderful.

Seoul Searching 4: Cooking like a Native

Unfortunately, I have never been skilled in the kitchen. I have been known to set off the fire alarm every time I fry an egg and despite eating pesto pasta twice a week, I can never remember how long fusilli needs to boil for. However, considering the fact I’m supposedly an adult, I figured it was about time I learned a few recipes and wow people with my South Korean cuisine. So, under the guise of a Christmas present for my partner, I booked a two-person cooking experience…

Seoul Searching 3: A Moment of Calm

My idea of fun involves action heavy weekends, so the thought of spending my Saturday twiddling my thumbs and contemplating my every mistake at a Buddhist Temple seemed a little daunting. However, once I arrived at the temple, my previous worries melted away, and I readied myself to fully embrace the experience…