Prisms of Perception Introduction

Whether we have grown up in the vast contemporariness of the Western world or have indulged in the traditions of the East, human beings across regions seem to mechanically operate under the fundamental but debatable principles of conformity – we either want to be liked, or we want to be right.

Hi, my name’s Zargul, an avid thinker, with the hope of getting other like-minded people thinking too. As a British Asian I have been fortunate enough to experience the best of both worlds and ways of thinking, as have many of us!

Regardless of various cultural influences, people everywhere (including myself, regularly!) find themselves grappling with the same questions, engaging in the same battle – autonomy vs nonautonomy, sheep vs shepherd. What is it that drives one to make the ultimate decision regarding how they treat others, how they choose to conduct their everyday relationships with friends and family, and how does their thought process affect how others treat them?

This column will include both objective and subjective viewpoints towards various events and ways of living that many of us take for granted and may overlook. I hope you all enjoy the upcoming reads and find them stimulating!