Hidden Bookshelf Introduction

Hi, I’m Emily. I run a bookstagram account @thingsthativeread and for as long as I remember I’ve been obsessed with independent bookshops. For me, they’re the most exciting places, each one is completely different and contains a treasure trove of new reads. With this year’s pandemic, it has become even more important to support your local bookshops. Although Amazon and Waterstones are easy places to shop from, they’re not the ones who need your money and help the most. With lots of indie bookshops reaching out, now is the perfect time to shop small and shop local. However, I know that this is so much easier said than done, which is why I’m writing this column. Each month I’ll be bringing you a different bookshop from around the UK, information on how to shop remotely with them, interviews on how lockdown has affected them as a business, book recommendations and other bookish topics. Stay tuned, and let me know if there are any books or bookstores you think I should check out!

– Emily

Hi, I’m Beatrice and I’ll be taking over the Hidden Bookshelf column, you can find me on Instagram @beatrice.zanca. With pandemic restrictions easing, it’s been so great to continue exploring independent bookshops and discovering new reads. One of the best things about independent bookstores is the selection of diverse and unique books, I’ve stumbled across so many books that I would have never thought to read and ended up loving them! To continue supporting independent bookstores in this difficult period, I will be highlighting some of my favourite stores, introducing new finds, interviews, and of course, book recommendations. I’m particularly interested in political and feminist literature, Audre Lorde being one of my favourites, so you can expect lots of book recommendations and reviews around these themes! I hope you enjoy, and please let me know if you have any bookstores or book suggestions!

– Beatrice

Hi, I’m Zehra, and I’m here to carry forward the rich legacy of Hidden Bookshelf as the new columnist! In October 2021, I moved to London with a coffer of vivid dreams in my possession, one of which was to rekindle my long-running love for reading ー in one of the world’s best literary cities, no less! Follow along as I set out to make it come true: exploring majestic libraries and quaint bookshops ー both new and old ー across the UK; unearthing underrated, little-known reads; handpicking creators crafting quality book-related content and befriending passionate readers and writers like myself on the way. Take my hand and step inside the wardrobe with me, a whole new bookish dimension lies beyond!

– Zehra

New entry on the 8th of every month.