Album Review: Happiness Begins

Album Review: Happiness Begins

As we all know, Jonas Brothers are back! And all of us 2000s Disney kids can’t hide that we’re FREAKING OUT! After ten years, Jonas Brothers released their new album Happiness Begins on June 7th. This is an album about how after six years of being apart they grew better as individuals and they are back as happy individuals, of course thanks to their wives Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas (yeah, this is also a reminder that all the Jonas Brothers are married now. Sorry ladies). So here are my thoughts about each of the songs from Happiness Begins.

1- Sucker
We’re all familiar with Sucker at this point. First Jonas Brothers single since their reunion, showing off their happiness and their wives (well, Sophie Turner wasn’t Joe’s wife at that point, but we all knew that was happening). This feels like Burnin’ Up 2.0. I really love the energy in this song. No doubts, it is such a bop and already has its place in my Summer 2019 playlist.

2- Cool
Another good summer song. This song makes me think how Nick finally got the position in the band that he always wanted and that it is good to hear him sing more. However, I am not the only one still waiting for Kevin to be under the spotlight, right?

3- Only Human
This is a very catchy song. The melody makes me want to ‘dance in my living room’ and puts me in a good mood. This also seems to be loved by the public a lot as it’s currently on Billboard Hot 100 list alongside Sucker and Cool, as well as taking its place on Spotify Global Top 50 Chart.

4- I Believe
The beginning gives me Daft Punk’s Get Lucky vibes. The lyrics give me all the feels.

5- Used to Be
Unlike the other songs of this album, this song is heartbreaking. Honestly, I feel personally attacked. I just really feel this song.

6- Every Single Time
“Every single time, I keep on coming back to you.”
If this isn’t us dusting off our old Jonas Brother posters and listening to the old albums when we heard Jonas Brothers were getting back together…

7- Don’t Throw It Away
For some reason, this gave me major Jonas feels. Like I can see this song appearing on the TV show. Oh, shoot, now my inner ten-year-old needs to binge the old episodes. Excuse us.

8- Love Her
This song makes you want to be loved by a Jonas Brother (as if we haven’t always dreamed of that since we were kids duh). But yes, another reminder, all three are now married. But if anyone’s interested, Frankie’s all grown-up. You know.

9- Happy When I’m Sad
I’ll be honest with this. I expected much more from this song, I think the title was a bit deceptive for me. I found this too happy than I expected, which on an objective perspective would be clever if you think how someone can act very happy when they are sad, to hide it. I would personally prefer if the song were more like the bridge. I also feel it’s too repetitive. Repeating, this is only my personal view, and I still like the song, so don’t attack me.

10- Trust
Joe’s high notes… Like do I need more words to express myself? *insert heart-eyes emoji* We don’t trust ourselves when we’re listening to this song either, honey.

11- Strangers
I LOVE THIS. I’ve already memorized this song. That explains how much I love it. The lyrics just gives me all the feels. This song just shows how much in love the boys are, and I have some major awww moments when I hear this song.

12- Hesitate
A possible unpopular opinion: this is my favourite song of the album. I guess I’m a sucker for rather slower songs. This song really flutters my heart. I have similar feelings with this as I have with ‘Strangers’ but the slowness of the melody and the deepness of Nick and Joe’s voices just really touch me. Those lyrics are so meaningful, and the fact that according to Billboard, this song is a love letter from Joe to Sophie makes me a lot more emotional about this song.

13- Rollercoaster
The first word that this song brings to anyone’s mind is ‘nostalgic’, I think. Not just that it reminds us the old Jonas Brothers times (which this whole album does tbf) but that it reminds us how far the boys have come. Just makes my ten-year-old self proud, you know? This makes me realise the order of the songs in this album which I don’t quite understand. In my view, this song which summarizes their journey and clearly mentions the name of the album ‘Happiness Begins’, should’ve been the final song of this album; would’ve been a great way to conclude the album.

14- Comeback
“Come back to me, baby, I’ll come back to you.”
Us for the past six years, am I right? And they are back, and we are back, and this is all so exciting. I just cannot contain my inner child taking control. Sorry, not sorry.

So, this is all from me. Now if you excuse me, I’ll go back to listening to the whole album again. Also, found out the Target version has two more songs, ‘First’ and ‘Cool (Acoustic)’ which I cannot find elsewhere. I’ll have to hunt those down. Tell me about what you think! I’d love to hear!

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