Album Review: Lover

Album Review: Lover

After a long period of waiting and hunting down Easter eggs, Taylor Swift’s 7th album Lover came out on 23 August, and in its first week, all 18 songs of the album made it to Spotify US Top 50. This album is drawing a lot of people’s attention, but it has particular importance for Swifties, as Taylor leaves a dark era and ‘step into the daylight’, as well as stepping back into social media and interacting more with fans. Here’s a review of this album but with a twist (or bias some may say): a review from a Swiftie!

1- I Forgot That You Existed

Such a bop. The whole attitude of this song is just so ‘go girl’. Taylor’s laugh and the carefree voice tone singing this song really sets the mood of this song. I just love this effect.

2- Cruel Summer

This song is one of the fan favourites. I also love Cruel Summer but gotta say, I have other songs I love more. I think the thing that makes this song special is that it just shows that she is just like any of us. ‘I love you, ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard’ and ‘I don’t wanna keep secrets just to keep you’ are just straightforward and heartfelt statements that we can all relate to and to the feelings they give of loving people who don’t deserve and still fearing of losing them. I think for the linearity, this song was supposed to be placed before I Forgot That You Existed, as the person in this song gives the pain and the fear and Taylor is simply over these feelings in IFTYE. Then again, these two might not be about the same person, and Taylor plans everything, so I’m just gonna trust her on that.

3- Lover

If this song doesn’t warm your heart, you probably don’t have one. You bet this will be playing at my (and all the other Swifties’ who are yet to marry) wedding. At Good Morning America, Taylor said Lover is the song she is most proud of, and we can see that. She is openly confessing her love to Joe Alwyn, in the eyes of the public and the honesty of this song takes real courage.

4- The Man

THIS SONG. One of my favourite songs of the album. Absolute banger. My first reaction to this song, ‘SAY IT GIRL’. Extremely accessible to all of us independent ladies trying to earn ourselves a place in this cruel society. When Taylor simply says ‘If I were a man, then I’d be the man’, we felt it very deeply.

5- The Archer

One of the most honest songs I’ve ever heard. Just hits the right spots of my heart. As Track 5, and in this era Taylor for the first time recognising the Track 5 tradition* and realising it earlier for us, not as a single, creates a special bond between this song and Swifties. This song is very cleverly composed. The slowly building up to a crescendo, creating the building up of emotions until one bursts out really reflects the necessary emotions and evoke those particular – most probably familiar – feeling in the audience.

*Track 5 is the most emotionally exposing song of an album (and mostly a fan favourite, as well) like one of the all-time Swiftie favourites, All Too Well from the Red album.

6- I Think He Knows

‘God bless’ Taylor’s soul. Finally, she’s taking the wheel (‘I’ll drive) after ‘you never let me drive!’ (Picture to Burn – Taylor Swift, Album 1), ‘you almost ran the red ‘cause you were looking over at me’ (All Too Well – Red, Album 4) and ‘you come to pick me up, no headlights’ (Style – 1989, Album 5). As well as the literal wheel, this album shows Taylor taking the wheel of her life, as well. Breaking free of her label and owning this album herself is one big step. Can’t wait for her to own her previous work, as well.

7- Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince

Another fan favourite which reminds another favourite from the previous album, King of My Heart. This song just reminds me of how King of My Heart would be a better fit for this album than reputation. This song does not only relates to Taylor’s own life, but I can also see hints of political and social criticism in this song. In the lyrics, references to stereotyped American society elements and to the features of other patriarchal societies. ‘[H]igh fives between the bad guys’ might be references to the current political leaders which we know Taylor is not exactly a fan of. ‘Boys will be boys’ reference with relation to ‘damsels’ is the one that stands out to me the most which also echoes the message in The Man. I am really enjoying Taylor opening up more about her world views in this era.

8- Paper Rings

Another one of my personal favourites of this album. I absolutely adore it. I like the nostalgic sounds used. Reminds me of the scene in ME! music video with the 60s vibes which also reminds The Lucky One lyrics of ‘sixties’ queen’. The happiness and affection in Taylor’s voice and the fun vibes of this song really makes it stand out for me. I definitely want to see a music video for this one, it’d be simply amazing. Honestly, I just wish all of us love like this. Also, I would die if Taylor had another disappointment and heartbreak after this. My heart just can’t take it.

9- Cornelia Street

Another one loved by the fans. As I said above, I love the happy Taylor but let’s face it, disappointment and heartbreak are Taylor’s expertise. It’s a perfect representation of how we associate objects and places with our feelings. ‘cit[ies] scream [their] names’ and ‘we never walk’ some streets. I just adore Taylor’s way with emotions.

10- Death By A Thousand Cuts

As someone who has a soft spot for goodbyes, the lyrics ‘saying goodbye is death by a thousand cuts’ hits home. I think this song is very underrated. I think it’s a lyrical masterpiece, and speaks directly to the heart. I just love this one so much, and it definitely has a place in my Top 5.

11- London Boy

This is one of the songs managed to catch the easter egg in the ME! music video. The London scenery in the MV and Joe Alwyn of whom this album’s all about, being from London made us expect a song like this. Proud to be right. Also, the places Taylor mention on the song really excites me, as someone who lives in London. SHE GOES TO PLACES I GO, AND I NEVER SEE HER Y’ALL. Okay, I need to calm down. I love the songs for the London references, but I was expecting a bit more from this song. I cannot pinpoint what is missing for me, but I guess I was expecting a song little more heartfelt and emotionally representative of London than the stereotypical representation.

12- Soon You’ll Get Better

I just can’t listen to this song without crying, but I also want to keep listening. I’m sure all the Swifties feel me on this one. I don’t know about anyone else but the moment we, the Swifties, heard this song we knew it was about Mama Swift. It is no secret that Mama has been struggling with cancer. She was first diagnosed with it in 2015 and earlier this year, we have been informed that cancer has returned. We’ve been feeling Taylor’s devastation long before this song, but this song really makes us all feel the pain. And on an objective perspective, I think we all had moments of helplessness these lyrics carry, ‘Soon you’ll get better, ‘cause you have to’.

13- False God

I really love the religious imagery used in this one. ‘West Village’ in the song being the neighbourhood of Cornelia Street, we suspect this song to be about the same person. Again, this song brings about the topic of ‘blind faith’ in someone she’s/we’re so desperate to keep in her/ our lives. But if I were to choose one I would say Cornelia Street is a more effective one, while this probably has stronger lyrics, Cornelia Street appears more sincere and I believe it to be melodically more attractive.

14- You Need To Calm Down

As Taylor said at the VMAs, ‘several points were made’ in this song and the music video. Proud. Proud. Proud. It is beyond amazing to see Taylor using her platform to support great causes and spread love. I’m just really enjoying this era of Taylor being truly herself and supporting things she believes in without any obligations. Also, the song is such a bop! (And an anthem for LGBTQ+ members of Swifties)

15- Afterglow

Me to me: ‘Hey, it’s all me, in my head. I’m the one who burned us down’. This part of the song really hits, even though Taylor talks about a romantic relationship and my take on it for my life is utterly different. This song really ignites something in me, giving me the feeling of a struggle with self and consequently, with mental health. I think this is one of the strongest quality of Taylor’s songs; you find something of yourself in the words she uses to describe herself.

16- ME!

The one who started it all. Okay, everyone please tell me I’m not the only one feeling the absence of ‘Hey kids, spelling is fun!’ in the album version. I’m aware, it is not particularly the most intellectual lyric, but this is a light-hearted, fun song and it does fit. Also, we’re just simply used to it by now. It’s a bop that just makes you want to dance. I love it, but also I guess I’m a sucker for more hearty songs.

17- Nice To Have a Friend

Okay, fellow Swifties, don’t kill me but I mostly skip this song. I just don’t connect with it. It feels too distant, and the melody feels too routinised and repetitive that it gets a little bit boring. It’s not really catchy for me, soz.

18- Daylight

Another one of my favourites. Like Begin Again (Red), Clean (1989), New Years Day (reputation), this song keeps the calm, future promising vibes of the last song tradition of Taylor Swift albums. I can’t tell you how satisfied I am that ‘step into the daylight and let it go’ from is actually a lyric. I sensed it, I interiorized it, and I am so happy to have a song of it. This song gives me hope and raises me from dark thoughts. It’s meditative, meaningful and carries a great message – one that I really needed lately. Taylor just always seems to know what to say. The spoken part just speak to somewhere deep within us. I think you know what I mean.

Soft songs, mixed with bops with important messages delivered with pinks, lilacs, all the beautiful pastels, hearts, butterflies and daylight. Everything that cherishes the child in our hearts. I was born for this Lover era. Especially as a Speak Now stan, I am delighted with this album and a much happier, grown version of Taylor. I love each and every one of these songs and beyond thrilled for getting 18 songs Keep streaming Lover & buying the album and the four exclusive versions (you can also buy one for me because I can’t afford them all *crying emoji*, just saying)!

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