Author: Ruby Punt

Seoul Searching 7 – Final: Heading Home

In one of my classes, we were taught about Buddhist sand mandalas. Monks would spend weeks creating beautiful murals out of sand, only to wipe them away upon completion. Apparently, this is done to illustrate the notion of impermanence. Nothing is permanent but that does not erase the beauty of what once existed.

Seoul Searching 6: My First Christmas Away from Home

The trees were coated in white, reminding me of the forests seen in Narnia, and the pathways crunched with each step. Our Christmas was a humble one. Between us, we had made a spectacularly simple meal. It was modest and delicious, and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything in the world because it was something we had created together.

Seoul Searching 5: Fleeting Moments

Gapyeong is similarly a ghost town. The streets are empty, and the noise from our group echoes across the river and into the mountain range. Our presence is disruptive and almost offensively loud. I come in and out of focus. People are singing. Someone pulls me into a conversation about Brexit. Another tries to practice her Korean on me. I repetitively tell her I don’t understand what she’s saying, but she just laughs. I later realise she was telling me she likes beef. Wonderful.

Seoul Searching 4: Cooking like a Native

Unfortunately, I have never been skilled in the kitchen. I have been known to set off the fire alarm every time I fry an egg and despite eating pesto pasta twice a week, I can never remember how long fusilli needs to boil for. However, considering the fact I’m supposedly an adult, I figured it was about time I learned a few recipes and wow people with my South Korean cuisine. So, under the guise of a Christmas present for my partner, I booked a two-person cooking experience…

Seoul Searching 3: A Moment of Calm

My idea of fun involves action heavy weekends, so the thought of spending my Saturday twiddling my thumbs and contemplating my every mistake at a Buddhist Temple seemed a little daunting. However, once I arrived at the temple, my previous worries melted away, and I readied myself to fully embrace the experience…