Book Review: Good morning to Goodnight

Book Review: Good morning to Goodnight

‘Imperfection is perfection. Think of it this way. A crystal- with lots of imperfect pieces attached and formed to make one beautiful crystal. That’s the way you should view your flaws and insecurities they all combine to make this one significant individual.


Eleni Kaur, Good morning to Goodnight

Good morning to Goodnight by Eleni Kauris a heartfelt and poignant collection of poetry. The poems are very simplistic, sincere and accessible. Kaur reflects her heartbreak after a difficult break-up. Good morning to Goodnight is the purest pouring of feelings, including pain and hope. Kaur tells the reader that what you are feeling is okay. She also gives the message that everything happens for a reason, builds you up as a person, and that eventually, you would be fine again. Not just fine but stronger and possibly a better version of yourself. If you are going through a break-up, you’ll definitely see a part of you in her words and feel like you’re not alone in what you are feeling. It is not only break-ups, whatever you’re feeling down about, she makes you feel accompanied and reassures you that it will be alright. Reading Kaur’s poems feel like having a heart to heart conversation with a friend while you’re both crying on each others’ shoulders.

Also, between you and me, the black matte cover of the book makes it very aesthetic and ‘instagrammable’. We all love an emotional book with an excellent photographic value. Am I right, or am I right? (Disclaimer: Not a supporter of books only being objects for social media)

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This Book… unbelievable!

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Good morning to Goodnight is currently $10/ £ 10.99 on Amazon! Eleni Kaur is a pseudonym, and the writer has another book called Perspective under the name of Sophia Dearest, which is a motivational book. If you like Good morning to Goodnight, check it out! You can find it on her website. Also, follow her on Instagram accounts for more content:



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