Poem: Clockwork

Poem: Clockwork
The powerful personality of feeling 
Being overwhelmed and inspired
Vivid and complex
Inconstant, changeable minds
Clusterfuck labyrinth of
Losing control as a reflex
Finding solace in the souls in your surroundings
Trace  spoken words
Like a fingertip on the ring of an empty glass
Yearn for more
Gulp down their laughs
Feel the growth
in your heart like a tumour
"Is this really what you deserve?"
Clockwork jitters
Momentarily faulting
Halting, then resuming
Wrong and different
But beautiful
In the way it moves
Too lucid to be
Placed into thoughts
Lack of Destination
But not of purpose
Longing for something more
Longing for something more
Longing for something more
But continuing on
Like clockwork

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