Poem: Conceptualization

Poem: Conceptualization
 I miss the ghost of your bruised lips against my ear,
whispering the sweetest daydreams.
The life in your interchanging features made 
you the perfect fit for someone whose love was 
all too flimsy,
sickly and feeble.
Rash and careless as ever, I shove you to the far 
caverns of my mind.
I know not the weight of my actions
and you, ever-morphing monstrosity, 
was left without a clear blueprint on how to live in this world.
You exist yes, but only in small bursts, 
the occasional light bulb moment 
and then you fizz out 
because I, too stupid to learn, could not wait 
for wet ink to set before turning the page,
smudging you in the process. 

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