Poem: Cut

Poem: Cut
Joyous, fluttering butterflies
The seal is broken
You have but one chance at escape.
In one irreversible flash, conceived by his hand
He has brought the inside out
Brought the outside in.
Fly from my cage of cold and
Spread the fever of your frenetic frenzy
You are grown now
You paid your dues before birth
Built and gave to my blood
Now is your chance at freedom.
Paint the rock red, touch the sky with crimson and
Beat every heart with the colour of lust.
You are the chosen few
Location right arm
You have had your numbers called
Touch the earth with your song and leave me behind
Mixed into the dirt that eats our lies
With you starts something that cannot be stopped
A never-ending stream of bending blood
Do not fear
Every butterfly will be set free before the morning.

©️ Photo from Pexels

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