Poem: Grace and Gagged

Poem: Grace and Gagged
Black girls, don’t be afraid to be loud,
Our voices are loud because we know we’ve been silenced
Black girls, don’t to be afraid to be self-reliant,
This way you won’t bow under his retribution and violence
Black girls, wear those kinks loud and proud,
Why must we conform to these euro-centric ideals? Can I be pretty, is that allowed?
Black girls, you are beautiful,
Unlearn and disregard the self-hate that was shoved down your throat
The small nose, the thin thighs and the blue eyes pushed and shoved into our minds
Drowning in the discourse of self-deprecation, insecurity and resentment,
It’s our time to float
Black girls, we stand together,
We stand strong
We stand united
Black girls, we will not be broken
We are more than just a token
With Barbie as the standard of beauty,
We’ll be our own representation.
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