Review: Rullick Healthy Treats

Review: Rullick Healthy Treats

Rullick is a start-up healthy treats brand. In the past week, they have kindly sent me some of their chocolate orange cookies to try for you. These cookies are tasty, flavourful, soft and melt in the mouth. Most importantly, they are healthy. They are vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. All the ingredients are organic. The chocolate orange ones I’ve tried were made of organic cacao mass, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter, almond butter, coconut oil, organic coconut flour, water, chia seeds, orange oil and rapeseed oil.

The cookies come in a cute packaging. You can tell that the cookies are packed with great care. The cookies are a good size and they come undamaged. Inside the box, there is also a personalised card with a message or quote. The card also tells you about the story of the brand as follows:

Whenever we see something to be this healthy and free of basically ‘everything bad’, we can be quite judgemental towards them. I personally mostly doubt the taste of vegan chocolate. Most of the time, I find them bitter and not sweet enough. With Rullick cookies, however, while my tongue did not find anything missing and quite enjoyed itself, my conscious was happy knowing I wasn’t eating any refined sugar. Guilty pleasures but without the guilt!

If you wish to try these cookies, I would recommend heating them. I think they are best when they are heated. I haven’t tried but on their Instagram, I saw that they go great with some ice-cream. I can imagine it being heavenly.

The only thing that made me think if I would buy these cookies myself was the price. A box of 10 is £6, and a box of 2 is £3.50. However, it is not the brand owner to blame but the merchants in the organic food market, in general. Whenever a product is labelled as organic or vegan or gluten-free, it is seen as an opportunity in selling them with higher prices, which is not fair. Healthy eating should not be this expensive. As there is an increasing demand for especially vegan products, I hope this would change in the near future.

If you are someone devoted to healthy eating, you are probably already spending that amount of money, anyway. The healthy snack options at the shops are very limited so Rullick’s aiming to solve that problem for you. Rullick delivers freshly baked goods to your door. I would say that currently they don’t offer many options and are limited to cookies, apart from the seasonal releases but I expect them to expand their options, once they get the recognition they deserve.

I have seen some flapjacks and chocolate covered dates on their Instagrams, which looked delicious. I hope they will be back soon, I would love to try them. I sometimes see them in my dreams. Oops.

Rullick owner Maryam is very innovative and is devoted to healthy eating. I can’t wait to see what she will come up in the future, and I am delighted to support passionate start-up companies with social aims. Keep doing what you’re doing, Rullick!

You can order your cookies here:

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