Author: Joya Choudhury

Poem: Letter

Letter LINepal, 25 April 2015 Dear Mother, I hope you will be…erm…okay. I guess?This will be a different letter from the previous ones.They cannot be ….

Short Story: Victims of Pestilence: 1918

My long life full of strife has made me a witness to humanity’s tragedies. You see, dear receiver, I am something that transcends your war and your diseases. Yet, this cursed era hurts me just as much as it hurts you. Know that this is a terrifying time. Such a time where love is locked up and touch is hidden away from all who need it. How can we forget the bittersweet tastes of the past that have overshadowed this lonely era?

Article: Incapacitated Anxiety

They say, having a disability ‘builds character’ which is true (to an extent), I had grown confidence. Recently, I am hyper-aware of my disability. It is as if I have only begun using a wheelchair and I am adjusting to this new wheelchair-bound life. It is as if this human-surveillance world is something new to me…

Short Story: Crippled

Spasms of unrelenting misery assault my body. Wreaking havoc with its unsympathetic weapons created for ministrations of torture. My attacker mercilessly holds me captive in my own frame. A prisoner to a biological and physical default with no key to unshackle me. My own body believes me to be beyond redemption, accusing me of crimes I have not committed. Unbending when it comes to compassion, it enforces unjust punishments upon me…