Poem: Paranoia Illusion

Poem: Paranoia Illusion
In, out, in out
Out out, in
out, in in.
Eyes – rip
Tear at me and leave me bare.
Holding in a
Whimper. My body attempts to
Mould itself.
Into the crowd into the walls into the glass into the earth go away…go away…
One aim, turn the
World against me
Unable to grasp the air the lungs
Beg for salvation, for air, to be away from the
Not shuffle , not strut, not stroll
Feet hit the
Instinct driving
Mind panicking
Lungs suffocating
A shadow flickers, flourishing a knife, always finds me never satisfied, forever making my heart jump fear courses through my vein. Founder of my fear Lord of Flight Lord of demons. Mine. A shadow flickers, threatening to murder my soul
Eyes eyes eyes…
As if on a beach, summer, with no
Of a high tide. You know this.
But you
For the tide to come and sweep you away
Ne comprend pas

©  photo from Unsplash

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