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Article: Incapacitated Anxiety

They say, having a disability ‘builds character’ which is true (to an extent), I had grown confidence. Recently, I am hyper-aware of my disability. It is as if I have only begun using a wheelchair and I am adjusting to this new wheelchair-bound life. It is as if this human-surveillance world is something new to me…

Book Review: Bleaker House – Living to Write

Cold, bare, unfamiliar and all too lonely, this Falkland island was perhaps the vital ingredient in the creation of Nell’s not-quite-novel-almost-memoir-mashup-masterpiece. She had travelled, after a Global Fellowship scheme run by Boston University, motivated by the frustration and fear of artistic failure, to this small island in the Atlantic Ocean. All in the name of an unwritten novel.

Writer’s Block: How to Get Yourself Started

We all know what the most challenging thing is about writing: getting started. With all the amazing ideas oscillating in your mind and all the world turning around you, sometimes it is easy to forget to finish something you first need to start. Here are some ways you can try to motivate yourself: