Hidden Bookshelf 4: Interview with Regional Independent Bookshop of the Year Nominees

We’re drawing close to the Regional Independent Bookshop of the Year Award at the British Book Awards, with the shortlisted shops chosen. Obviously, the past year has been very different from usual, for all of us but especially for bookshops! To find out more, I wanted to get in touch with some of my favourite shortlisted bookshops, asking what they had been up to over the past year and how it had worked.

Poem: Redhanded

I take my leavefrom soft places.Known for an attemptat makeshift grandeur.At the close of a duska gas lamp assumedmonstrous proportion.To outshine and outsize,running lights in ….

Colors of Mexico 7 – Final: Green

Each event that happens to us brings a change, and it leaves a mark behind, as insignificant as it may be. So, let’s not be humble and let’s consider this last entry as important an event as a death. It’s a burial, and every burial deserves a tribute. So let’s pay tribute to Mexico.

Poem: Cut

Joyous, fluttering butterflies The seal is broken You have but one chance at escape. In one irreversible flash, conceived by his hand He has brought ….