Poem: Expiration

A dying leafon a dying twigon a dying branchon a dying treein a dying forest burnt downby the now dying firestears of merciful skiesbring relief ….

Prisms of Perception 4: Language and Culture

When looking into the history of any culture, you can begin to piece together certain aspects that help us understand how certain words are created, how these words affect our perceptions. Many of these perceptions may arise from the historical background of the culture and can be noticed in even just one word.

Short Story: Victims of Pestilence: 1918

My long life full of strife has made me a witness to humanity’s tragedies. You see, dear receiver, I am something that transcends your war and your diseases. Yet, this cursed era hurts me just as much as it hurts you. Know that this is a terrifying time. Such a time where love is locked up and touch is hidden away from all who need it. How can we forget the bittersweet tastes of the past that have overshadowed this lonely era?