Poem: Lucky Sod

Just cos I ain’t settled for a life of hustling,bustling on the scrounge -‘I’m a lucky sod.’Felt the skin of a four-leaf clover,or the itch ….

Lockdown 5: The Show Must Go On

We need the Arts now more than ever to give us some encouragement and hope. In acting, I found a way of going back to myself when I felt lost. In literature and writing, I found the power of critical thinking, of challenging people’s minds and of telling them stories. It has always been the Arts that I resorted to when I felt low. How could I ever give up something that has become such an integral part of who I am today?

Colors of Mexico 4: Red

Is Mexico violent? This question is certainly the one I have heard the most these past few months. Every time I talk about my experience in Mexico, the matter of violence is systematically brought up, explicitly or implicitly. Sometimes, it even ends up being the only question asked.

Seoul Searching 5: Fleeting Moments

Gapyeong is similarly a ghost town. The streets are empty, and the noise from our group echoes across the river and into the mountain range. Our presence is disruptive and almost offensively loud. I come in and out of focus. People are singing. Someone pulls me into a conversation about Brexit. Another tries to practice her Korean on me. I repetitively tell her I don’t understand what she’s saying, but she just laughs. I later realise she was telling me she likes beef. Wonderful.

Short Story: Crippled

Spasms of unrelenting misery assault my body. Wreaking havoc with its unsympathetic weapons created for ministrations of torture. My attacker mercilessly holds me captive in my own frame. A prisoner to a biological and physical default with no key to unshackle me. My own body believes me to be beyond redemption, accusing me of crimes I have not committed. Unbending when it comes to compassion, it enforces unjust punishments upon me…

Poem: Gypsum Marble

Pairs of eyes rovetoxic in naturein savvy glancesincomplete jots.At once alarmed,by harum scarumsof  folk crowdingin sap-like waterparrying headstrong.Left to consider oaths,garish on-field and sky,they muster ….