Category: Poetry

Poem: Smoke Billows

Lava on the tips of your gown you come forward, angels drown gathered under the eclipsed sun crumbling castles collapse behind you molten clouds gush ….

Poem: Redhanded

I take my leavefrom soft places.Known for an attemptat makeshift grandeur.At the close of a duska gas lamp assumedmonstrous proportion.To outshine and outsize,running lights in ….

Poem: Cut

Joyous, fluttering butterflies The seal is broken You have but one chance at escape. In one irreversible flash, conceived by his hand He has brought ….

Poem: 10/01

is the word I use
to describe myself.

I have gone through
balanced over pits of lava,
while people stood on the sidelines and watched.

Poem: Lucky Sod

Just cos I ain’t settled for a life of hustling,bustling on the scrounge -‘I’m a lucky sod.’Felt the skin of a four-leaf clover,or the itch ….

Poem: Gypsum Marble

Pairs of eyes rovetoxic in naturein savvy glancesincomplete jots.At once alarmed,by harum scarumsof  folk crowdingin sap-like waterparrying headstrong.Left to consider oaths,garish on-field and sky,they muster ….

Poem: Afraid

I am afraid,that I may implode on myself. Broken pieces scattered across the floor; my vulnerability exposed,for all the moths to latch on to. I am afraid,to ….

Poem: Almost

Almost. The most painful word of all.The one that cuts me open in the middle of the night.The one that means something nearly happenedbut didn’t. Because of Fear. Almost.Maybe ….