Poem: Afraid

I am afraid,that I may implode on myself. Broken pieces scattered across the floor; my vulnerability exposed,for all the moths to latch on to. I am afraid,to ….

Colors of Mexico 2: Black

The church brings bad news: it rings at 7:00 pm. Like every night of the rain season, a storm is coming… Yes, trips and novelties are absolutely extraordinary experiences, and I have had the most amazing time in Mexico. However, it does not mean that we don’t have dark sides and sad moments, and that anxiety never shows up.

Seoul Searching 3: A Moment of Calm

My idea of fun involves action heavy weekends, so the thought of spending my Saturday twiddling my thumbs and contemplating my every mistake at a Buddhist Temple seemed a little daunting. However, once I arrived at the temple, my previous worries melted away, and I readied myself to fully embrace the experience…

Poem: Almost

Almost. The most painful word of all.The one that cuts me open in the middle of the night.The one that means something nearly happenedbut didn’t. Because of Fear. Almost.Maybe ….